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Tofu said what? (This is not what you think…or maybe it is)

Such beautiful words. Who knew you can find spiritual knowledge like this from a book about Tofu?

“For the true tofu master, practice is a living reality, giving energy, and an ungraspable, deep meaning to daily work. To watch such a master at work is a rare and beautiful experience. His every gesture seems to emerge from a deep, still center. Grace and economy of movement give a feeling of dance to even the most mundane of his actions. A sense of rhythm, alertness, and precision shows the result of years of patient training and untiring striving for excellence. A panoramic awareness allows the master to be wholly concentrated on the one activity before him while being simultaneously attentive to the full field of activity around him. Work done in the spirit of practice is its own fulfillment and reward. Moment to moment, the true craftsman touches reality and gives it life. In each moment, through practice, he dies and is reborn, continually reborn in the giving of selfless service. When a craftsman learns to work with his whole body and mind,time becomes for him an unbroken Being-in-Nowness. Repetition is no longer repetition, but perpetual new creation. Everything extra falls away in the direct contact and the wellspring of living reality. Entering into his work wholeheartedly, the craftsman loses himself. He discovers a silence that cannot be broken by sounds and finds a new home at the very center of his work. This work flows freely though him into the world, finding its own way. In the midst of the world of time, he becomes free of time, and so he neither hurries nor wastes his precious moments. Through constant and patient practice, the mysteries and inner harmonies of his calling are revealed to him. Like a fish in the great ocean or a bird in the air, he reaches a clear and boundless space. Here he discovers humility. Then others may see that a fine tofu master has appeared in the world.”

The Book of Tofu: Food for Mankind

By William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyag


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