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Hit by Sandy

I was one of the many people whose neighborhood was hit hard by Sandy. Although, not as severely as the thousands of people who are still suffering from the Hurricane. A few hours before the rain came pouring down, I went out for a walk. The tranquil sounds of the swaying trees was much satisfying for me. A few weeks ago I prayed for silence from the mundane racket of honking taxi cabs, loud ass neighbors, cars blasting music, and etc. Atlas! I was in heaven….but I did not expect Sandy to totally BITCH SLAP us in the face.

When Sandy arrived with her almighty roar, I stared out the window. Lights went out and I decided to look out the window to see the damages she was causing. For the first time in my life, I’ve seen large flying objects in a vortex    extremely close to my window. It was terrifyingly beautiful. Never have I felt so much peace looking at such destruction.


I toughed it out for a few days with no water or electricity. Although when we did get cold water again, the circumstances of how I was living was not comfortable. But, I was proud of how resourceful I was. I am a proud employee of Equinox, and a few locations was open uptown. To take a shower, I will walk to one of the locations that had running HOT water and electricity, waiting 20 minutes to use the showers. Also, I went to my school Fashion Institute of Technology to charge my phone and sit down in the cafe. Getting in and out of my building was….gross…don’t want to talk about the stuff I’ve saw in the staircase. And, the nights was sooooooo cold.

I sought refuge in Brooklyn, and a couple of people offered a helping hand. I ended up at a friend’s place in Ridgewood. Her name is Eden and she is a beautiful singer/songwriter.


The trek to brooklyn wasn’t so bad. I thought I had to walk 2 1/2 hours but caught two buses and walked to her house from the Brooklyn end of the Williamsburg bridge. I stayed there only for one night because the next morning I heard that Chelsea lights was back on. WHOO!

So, now I am here, at home. Writing comfortably to you all. But New York is still in dire need of help. Here is list of ways you can help: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/own-this-city-blog/how-to-help-in-new-york-city-after-hurricane-sandy


More photos from this week:

As soon as I arrived to my friend’s place, it turned out that she was not home. So I purchased a much needed glass of wine at a Cafe (seating was for paying customers) while I waited.


Skirt from Lulu Tresors


View of Brooklyn from the subway platform. Bye bye Brooklyn!


Shuttle bus into Manhattan.


Chelsea still being worked on.


The only flag left standing. There was a total of 5 flags on top of the roof.Image


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